Hi again!

My name is Jennifer. I am a believer, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I love to create and design things for walls and spaces. And I can be a bit of a perfectionist. My story is not my own, but one written by and lovingly held in His hands.

I fell in love with photography in high school. I have my daddy to thank for this love as he introduced me to the art and fed my desire to learn as much as I could about black and white film. I continued my studies in college and spent a lot of my extra time in the dark room.

While an undergrad, I found another love- event planning. And after I graduated, I was blessed with a job that turned into a career. I continued to take pictures everywhere I could carry my camera. Obsessed with capturing moments in life: new babies…growing children…expanding families…birthdays…events. I transitioned (initially reluctantly) from film to digital and about a year after my second little was born, I convinced my husband to let me start my own business. That was 2010.

As I’ve continued on this journey, I’m eternally grateful for those who have supported jw.photography. The last nine-ish years have been a rollercoaster. We added a third little to our crew. We endured the surprising and sudden onset of heart failure with our baby. We fervently prayed as she was placed on the heart transplant list and were ecstatic as she defied the odds and began to thrive. And then suddenly she was called home to Jesus. There is so much more to that story (maybe I’ll tell you sometime) but photography has given me an outlet and a platform to express myself when everything else felt like it was spinning out of control. I have realized how important it is for me to capture moments. To document life. The good and the pretty along with the bad and the ugly. Because all of these memories are important and cherished. By His grace only we have continued on and in 2014 we had our fourth (I call her our game changer), and in 2018, our family grew once more with baby number five.

Losing someone is the hardest path anyone will ever travel, and I’m so thankful that I photographed as many moments with our third that I did. Every once in awhile, I find myself wishing I had taken more pictures. But I’m thankful to have had the balance of making memories and capturing them. And the memories of being in them (special thank you to Rachel Hill and Lance and Atia Thurman). Now, our oldest two and our last two can forever see images of their sister who is in heaven.

What a blessing it has been to have captured so many memories for our family and for so many other people. I’m so honored to call many of my clients my friends.

So for those of you on the fence about investing in professional pictures, I say hop off!! Find a great photographer and capture this time in your life! Capture these memories and the love that you have and those that you love. And maybe (hopefully) you’ll hire me to capture them for you.